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Here's a list of 3DO games I have beaten without cheating off the top of my head. Also a rating at the end rating the ending and tells about it. ******MAJOR SPOILER ALERT******

UPDATE 3/20/02
Station Invasion-4/10
The same ending for every single character.  So it's dull after the first time.  It's a party game so there's no telling how long it will take.  If you watch every single FMV sequence over an hour.  If you do a quick game it took me and my friend less than 10 mins.!  It's a good ending for little kids.  The best part though is the credits.  You get to control them.  Ok it's not the greatest, but weren't you all just dying to know who played Jake!?  Oh no the credits went by him.  Never fear push that down button a couple times and Bom look what's now.
Shanghai: Triple Threat-2/10
Very terrible there is no ending you just get the acknowledgement that you completed a puzzle.  It took me about 20 mins. to complete one puzzle.  It's pretty fun with two people.  I recommend the golden tile with two.  Great fun!
Depends on who you pick to play as.  During the game you get to see their interesting fantasies and at the end you get to see magazines of what they are doing.  It's really funny and you should really beat it as everyone.  It's so funny.
Same as Zhadnost but not quite as interesting.  You just get to see them watching the show.  No cool car like in the beginning or anything.
Those are the most recent there's some others that I just can't remember.  I've beaten Foes of Ali but just can't remember what happens  I think nothing. 
Way of the Warrior:6/10
As far as I can remember you beat the skeleton guy and get your name in the book of warriors. It's allright could have been better.

Takes about an hour to two hours depending on how many continues you have to use.

Soccer Kid:3/10 COMPLETED 8/13/01
Very very disappointing I did everything, got all the cards put the cup together, I was expecting at least 3 or 4 mins. of epilouge instead I get a little scene saying will we see the evil guy or Soccer Kid again! Credits scroll, game goes to main screen. C'mon that was terrible. That took me awhile too since I had to start at the very beginning of the game yesterday because my flippin save got deleted over by Virtual Stadium Baseball.

Takes about 10 hours I am guessing but I was pissed because of the save thing and was really really trying. Got all the cards and cup peices, took about 5 hrs.

You save the day nothing much really at the end.

Takes........undetermined. I practiced countless hours trying to perfect and memorize where guys pop up, then I got the mouse and whizzed through it in about oh, 45 mins. But thats when you're fully prepared and in a zone. I'd put lots of money up that no one could beat this game even with all continues on their first try. You need to play with all continues about 20 times until you get really good, at least that's what it took me. Now I can beat it using one continue or less every time with the mouse.

Don't really know if this even has an ending I think the game keeps going and going and going, anyone confirm this?

Takes- undetermined

SLAM 'N JAM-6/10
After you make it through and win the championship, you get to see the game designers dunk as players in the game. Kinda cool.

Takes 2 hrs if you just play the playoffs, otherwise if you go through a whole season, who knows!

Each character you beat the game with has his/her own little mini sequence at the end saying what has happened to them since they've won and what they've done with their life. Some are a bit interesting others lack luster. Most do keep your attention though.

Takes about an hour or less, depending on how many continues you use.

3DO 4 LIFE created by Ryan