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Where To Buy 3DO Games


1. Game X Change-The one by me sells games for the 3DO at around 7.50 and they have a buy 2 get 1 free deal.
2. Babbages-Check the used games or bargain bin and there are games there sometimes. Also check for controllers.
3. Flea Market- Definitly check here. Good games at cheap prices.
4. Any discount retailer(Target,Walmart,etc.). Check the clearance aisles. They usually don't have any unless it's a rare occasion.
*Note all of these stores are by me and you may not have one near you so check used game stores for games.

1. Ebay-tons of games. Pick up a system here, because other on-line stores are likely to charge any where from 80 to 120 dollars USED! On ebay you can pick up just the system for 10 to 20 and with a few games 30 to 40. Although lately the systems have been going for up to 150 dollars!
2. JA Fatts Discounter- Not very many games but all are only 4 dollars. Or you can get there value pack-5 games 4 controllers only 20 bucks.
3. Video Game Liquidators- A pretty good site to buy games.
4. Fuji's 3DO Games- Stay away unless you can't find a game anywhere else. HIGH PRICES!

I would never pay more then probably 15 dollars for a game. Even if it is hard to find I still wouldn't. Like I said in the first place the 3DO was cheap so I bought it. I want to buy cheap(inexpensive) games too. So if youre like me and have one of the newer systems that cost an arm and a leg you know what I mean.