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Top 5 3DO Games

My 5 favorite games. Changes constantly so check back when I say I have a new game because it just might be one of my new favorites!

Updated 3/20/02
  1. Road Rash-  It's awesome!  I had the PS version but this one's better because there's no lag time when you save.  I've made it to Level 5 and beaten two of the courses.  Almost done but man is it impossible now!
  2. Luciena's Quest- Sure it bogs down my 3DO memory but it's pretty fun if you have some time to kill.  It's starting to get interesting.  The beginning was very dull.  Once completed(not for awhile) review!
  3. Need For Speed- Really fun with the codes on and racing against your buddies times.
  4. Virtual Stadium Baseball- I play this hours on end.  I don't play it very much though because usually it deletes half my memory!
  5. TwIsTeD- Still comin' back for more.  Friends all love it.