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3DO Games I'm Playing

What I'm playin'.........

Way Of The Warrior- Boy was I pissed for about an hour.  I accidentally hit the shoulder buttons and deleted my save!!!!  I had over 300 wins and just over 100 losses.  Now I had to start all over. I was going to have the flippin' world record!  I had beaten the game 2 times in one sitting and then deleted it.  I haven't played WotW in nearly  3 months now.  That game pisses me off!
Space Ace, Dragon's Lair, and Strahl-  All these games suck!  I hate these kind of games.  I don't see why people like them they're just so dumb.  Move left oops wrong way.  I can play these about 3 mins. before there's steam coming out of my ears.  I recommend anyone who doesn't have patience to stay away!
Twisted- My friend beat me by about 20 spaces!  Well I did questions on expert almost the whole time.   Makes the game a lot more challenging!  But I just got smoked in it.  Still fun though.  Man I wish they made the modem and this game compatible that would've been so freakin' awesome!>!
Kingdom: The Far Reaches- Wow this game is pretty dull  and boring.  Click here, click there.  All you do is click!  Get a magic spell see it work on something you would have never thought of.  WOW this game is terrible.
Quarantine- Got a little better at it.  Now I got to the second level!  Before I never knew how to save.  Well I'd save but it wouldn't show up in the 3DO's memory.  Now all of a sudden it works?!  So I can get a little farther.  Boy do the graphics suck!
Samurai Showdown- I just got SS for Sega CD.  I heard it's nearly the same as the 3DO version.  It's a really good fighter with weapons.  I haven't found very many moves though for each character which is disappointing.  But duking it out with a chum is too fun.
Need For Speed- Used some of the codes for NFS and it makes it a little more interesting/fun.  I played against X man and made him use a rocket scooter!  He goes a lot faster and he's harder to catch.  I played for a good hour and beat the race on medium difficulty 3 times.  Then same difficulty and car and I raced against the scooter and lost!  The scooter is supposed to be the same as the car he picked, but I guess it's faster and overall better cuz I got smoked.
Just beat Crime Patrol again with the controller and not the mouse. It actually seemed easier with the controller this time, I must have just gotten better.

Played Drug Wars a little and got all the way to the fourth section(where your in Mexico or whatever) but couldn't advance anymore.

Space Pirates seems a lot tougher than the other ALG games can't get very far.

F1-GP really really sucks. One of my worst 3DO games I think.

So is Autobahn Tokyo, 3DO only has two good racing games, Road Rash and NFS.

Finally beat Soccer Kid. From beginning to end on Normal difficulty it took me 2 days with about 6 hrs total of play. I collected every card and got all of the cup peices but the ending was quite lack-luster. Don't expect anything great.

Station Invasion is fun for an hour, if you want to just screw around and practice by yourself. I've almost mastered this game, I get almost all the points possible everytime. Fun game though.

Almost beat Way of the Warrior with the computer having medium advantage. Got all the way to the dragon guy(Ali Babba I think) and gave up. My record in the game is something like 220 Wins 102 Losses I think. No one that I have played against friend wise has been able to beat me. Most give up after I beat them about 5 times.

Currently playing Virtual Stadium Baseball in season mode. It's a really challenging game. Also it's quite easy to get pissed off at it when the same guy on the other team hits a homerun at every at bat. Even if you throw a wild pitch he sometimes hits one!

Also been playing Star Fighter. It's a fun game but I can never figure out what to do so I just fly around blowing stuff up! Oh and use a few codes off Game Guru! I have like a million of everything.

Return Fire has been a great two player game. It's really fun in two player mode and it just brings the competitive edge out in everyone.

Mazer is another difficult game. I've gotten to about level five and just gave up out of frustration. It's a much better game then I expected, seeing as a magazine gave it a one out of five! I think it's a lot better than that. Expect a review in about 2 weeks.

Sorry I haven't kept you up to date! Well let me just say I still play 3DO at least once every 3 days, but that has been really hard to do lately. I still do though!

Wow I thought that Crime Patrol was hard! I think Drug Wars might just be a little harder! If that's even possible, ya know? I have gotten to the 3rd "section" with the woman on the boarder. I beat all the missions except for one. It really stinks that there isn't a checkpoint anywhere so you don't have to go through the whole level over and over. Not a very good idea, I got bored really fast! It is still fun to play every once and a while but Crime Patrol has the better replay value.

Super Streer Fighter II Turbo I have beaten it with almost everyone now on the preset difficulty(a little less than half). It's a lot more fun though with two people.

Twisted and Zhadnost are a blast with 3 or more people! It is soo fun competing against one another and yelling and cheering on each other. Good times, good times!

Gex I got really really close to beating it then got tired of it and shut the FZ 10 off. I don't know why but it is just boring and frustrating after a while and one can only take so much.

Soccer Kid has been in the machine the most lately. It's been really tough but I just can't get to the next boss. I am in a chinese level (2 of um) then I get on that train and die like mad. I did cheat one time just to see what was after that with the level select code. Ooopps!

Return Fire I played a little of it for about an hour just to beat a few missions I hadn't played yet. This is a game like SSFIIT where it's a lot more fun with two people. THe gameplay get a bit repetitious with only one.

Alfred Hitchcock played a little of it to prepare for my review and I could hardly bare it! It's gonna be my newest cup coaster.

Royal Pro Wrestling I beat all the way through in Tag Team mode twice. It isn't very challenging. This or Return Fire will be my next reviews most likely.

If you play 3DO a lot like me and get stuck somewhere in a game, feel free to go to the message board and ask for help. There's bound to be someone there who can answer your question.

I finally beat Crime Patrol! I only had to use one continue too! I have gotten a lot of new games so lately I have been playing them. Now that I have a Game Guru I can compress my memory files so I can now save in Slam N Jam! So I played a couple of games in a season on there as well. Played a little Luicienna's Quest and to tell you the truth it isn't worth the money people are paying for it on ebay. I played about 2 hrs into it. I beat Foes of Ali in Normal difficulty in both Career and Tournament. I also beat Bust-A-Move all 100 levels on normal difficulty. The good thing about Bust-A-Move on 3DO is that it saves your game where you are at right when you die so you can continue where you left off before. I played Wolfenstein about 3 hrs. There are really 7 games in one in it. I played the original shareware version on the computer as well as the oldest game. Quarantine is pretty cool once you figure it out. Heck I didn't even know that you could go and get life boosts and upgrades at shops! I guess I do a lot better now. One thing I sure cant do is save. My game just will not save for some reason and I have no idea why it won't! I beat Royal Pro Wrestling on easy. The graphics aren't great(sega genesis graphics) but it can be kinda fun. I also played Alfred Hitchcock a little and boy does this game suck! It is one of the worst games I have played. What really brings it down even more is that it is in Japanese. All it is is a concentration game and rhoulette. Both of which get very old after a while. I dont think it isnt really worth a review even.

Lately I have been playing a lot of Road Rash. I have made it to the fourth level using only a rat bike! Its getting way to tough now so I guess I will have to upgrade. I have mastered Way of the Warrior with about 5 characters. The Dragon is one of my favorite characters but everytime I start to use a different character I like them better. Shockwave: Invasion Earth is I think a little better than the second one. It is very fun although it sucks that it doesnt work with my flight stick! Just recently I got Foes of Ali. I haven't gotten very far because this game is so damn hard! Please email me how you do combos or special moves because I am lost. I can beat the first guy easily but the second I'll do really good some rounds and then just completely blow on others. The game looks pretty crappy when you first play it but but the longer you play the better it seems to look. There are also plenty of codes for this game, some of them are quite interesting. By the way I am still playing Crime Patrol! That game is just awesome! I just cant beat the 2nd "bonus" stage. I wish that I could because it seems as if I am getting very close to the end of the game. I have been playing NFS a lot to now that I figured out how to change your opponents car. I can beat him on the hardest difficulty when I give him the worst car otherwise I normally dont stand a chance! I tried Immercanary again and I just cant seem to figure this one out. It's the only 3DO game I have that I wasn't able to do good at it. I just keep dying and dying. Also I have been playing a lot of Twisted and Zhadnost! Those two are just great fun when you have a friend over. Speaking of which, people also love SSFIIT. I have made 3 or 4 converts to 3DO over this past weekend, now I just have to hook them up with one. I sure can't find one. 2 of them are willing to pay 50 dollars just for the system. They dont want to pay shipping though so they are looking for one at about 30. I sure am glad I picked mine up for 20 at the flea market:) Lastly I have been playing Fun N Games some just to beat that shark game. Does it ever end?

Sorry I haven't kept you guys up to date on what 3DO games I am playing. Well here they are. Lately I have been playing a ton of Need for Speed. This game is pretty tough on the hardest level and I still haven't been able to beat the computer on this difficulty. I tried doing a code so you could play the game in practice mode but the code doesn't seem to work. I've also been playing theme Park pretty much. On the easy mode this game is really easy to beat. But on harder difficulties it is almost impossible to beat or at least have a high builder rating. Also I still haven't really figured out how to build a roller coaster. I guess I am paying for buying the cheaper Theme Park without the manual! But little by little I am starting to figure this game out and it is pretty enjoyable. Compared to Roller Coaster Tycoon it seems almost exactly the same, except the crappy graphics. The game that has eaten away at my attention the most though would have to be the one and only Olympic Summer Games. I love playing this game, it is so addicting. If you don't believe me, go read my review in the 3DO review section! I also played my new game Battle Chess, but there should really be some feature where you can skip the battles and just get it on, it really gets old. Gee I wonder who is going to win.... the person who attacks or the one just standing there..... I also played the game Immercenary and to say the least, this game blows..... On a high note I have gotten my hands on the first Shockwave and the game is quite good. Until next time, see all you 3DO'ers later!

I have almost beaten Crime Patrol(I think?!). I beat the first level after he says "Keep playing..." and have gotten very far on the 2nd one but still can't beat it. Also whipped my dad in Twisted! I played a little Way of the Warrior as well. I got all the way to the Ali Babba(the 2nd to last guy) but couldn't beat him! I also played a little SSF2T and beat it on easy with Vega! Sure 3DO might be old but I still like to play it.

I've played Star Control II to death lately. I'll be sitting there playing seeing that it is 10 o'clock in the morning when I start and when I think it is time for lunch I will turn it off only to see that it is 4 o'clock! This game is pretty tough but very intriguing. Look for a review on it in a couple of weeks!

Lately I have been playing a lot of Crime Patrol since I just got the mouse and all and it significanly enhances gameplay. Also I've been playing Fun N'Games since it utilizes the mouse as well. I also whipped out Way of the Warrior a couple days ago to show a friend and he loved it.

Currently I've been playing a lot of Crime Patrol. I am so close to beating it. I beat Rookie, Undercover, Swat, and Delta. But after that you go to a special mission but I just can't seem to beat it. I ahve gotten quite good at this game though and when I get the 3DO mouse I am gonna be awesome.
Another games which I have been playing is Wing Commander III, but I am stuck in this game too. I just got past the part where Flint apologizes but I always get gun down on that mission. This game sure is tough!