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Some of 3DO's competition now and then.....

This was some of the main competition when the 3DO first came out but after about 95 it had already died and the 3DO was way ahead of it. I just got my Sega CD and let me tell you it really sucks compared to the 3DO....the FMV is just terrible and there are way too many FMV games for Sega CD. A lot of people think that the 3DO had a ton of FMV games, but it really didn't if you think about it and the ones it did have were really good compared to the Sega CD versions. I just got done playing Who Shot Johnny Rock? for Sega CD and it is just terrible compared to just about anything. If you thought Drug Wars was slow to react when you shot, Sega CD takes about a minute literally after you shoot someone! It is really lame. The graphics suck for the old Sega CD too, 3DO really kicks it.

The gameplay for the CD sucks on almost all of its games but a few RPGs and a couple action games. 3DO has a lot better games. CD is 16 bit where as 3DO is 32 bit. I don't know Sega CD is all right but since I am spoiled with a 3DO I think the CD really sucks. Ironic this didn't happen when I got my 3DO since I had a PlayStation with over 40 games at the time I got it.

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