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Here's a list of people who have helped me with 3DO 4 LIFE.


Fee_Hung- For designing the new look! Now if only we could get the site accepted to no reply!) Thanks a lot for all of your time and effort.

Parker- For writing a review for the 3DO. More reviews to come! You are pretty good at writing reviews. I thought he'd fallen off the face of the earth but he's still out there on his really slow computer running on Win 3.1. Hope you get a new computer.

Matt(Battlesphere/Gunstar)- Thanks for clarifying some things for me in my NFS review. Writing a review for Scramble Cobra. Also writing numerous other reviews.

Jeremiah- Thanks for writing a review of Pebble Beach Golf.

Cancer X- For showing me how to burn 3DO games.

Frantic Illusion- For some reviews and a few corrections to my reviews.

Kelly Silva- For a 3DO add that I've never seen before in all my life. Hope to get a 3DO ads section up as soon as I get enough to make a big page. Thanks.

Steve Perry- For a whole bunch of M2 pages out of various 3DO magazines. Very interesting, thanks man! He runs 3DO'A'DODO page.

The guy who runs 3DOTODAY. He took tons of time to make all those box scans.

Zangardo! He has some of the rarest things I've ever seen! Check out his site in the links page

Jeremy Sweigert he has some adds that I've never seen.

Wanna get your name on here??? Just write a review, give me some info I need about 3DO(especially M2), donate a screen shot(s), donate media of 3DO, donate anything 3DO related. I will then post you on the credits! Show the 3DO community you care!

3DO 4 LIFE created by Ryan