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Opeming Screen For 3DO

I would like to own more systems some day, but right now I don't really feel like spending a lot of money. That is one of the reasons why I bought the 3DO because the games and system were both so cheap. I reccommend that if you do want a 3DO system do not use auctions and on line stores, instead check your local flea market.

Now the other systems i own are as follows:

1. Nintendo(regular)- I got this system when i wasnt very old and just loved it. I played Mario to death and castlevania. But now a days I just dont really enjoy it very much any more but every once and a while i will turn on a lil mario and bring back old memories. 7/10

2. Game Gear- My next system after NES and first portable. Boy did I love playing sonic and mortal kombat on this Baby! But it didnt live very long and there were way to many side scrollers many dull. But still a fun system on trips. 5/10

3. Playstation- I remember when i first got it when it came out for christmas. then I remember thinking of taking it back and waiting for 64 but my dad coaxed me into opening the box and turnin on crash and res evil. Im glad i didnt wait for 64 cuz let me tell you now it sucks. It has TOO MANY kiddie games aand not enough good games also when it came out games were 70 bucks. Playstation is a very good system but i dont play it much with 3DO and all. 8/10

GameBoy- I bought the original off of my friend for 10 bucks and it came with 3 games(zelda one of em!) After i beat zelda though it just sat around and none of the games graphics compared to those of gamegear. After i got 3DO i pawned gb for 3 3do games. 4/10

3DO- My favorite system. Check "what i think about 3DO for info. 9/10

I own all together around 400 games(including about 250 of them computer games{not downloaded, actual games in boxes!})
50 or so ps
50 or so nes
22 gamegear
20 3DO