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Links to a few 3DO sites


Here it is! The web site that started it all! This site was my very first website and gave me the whole idea for the site you see today.


A pretty good page if you wanna check out box scans and other 3DO pictures. Also has almost all the 3DO games in a big list. Where are the reviews?


This sight has the makers thoughts on which games rocked and which blowed for the 3DO. There is also information on the M2 and what it was all about. Good site.

Rich's REAL 3DO Multiplayer Site

Your average run-a-the-mill 3DO site, with specs etc.

Andy's 3DO Collection

A good site with many 3DO pics and some mini oppinions for about 2 dozen games.

Marshall's 3DO Dungeon

Here's a dead 3DO site. It say it has moved but when you try the dead link it takes you no where.

Maximum Pain

This site has two on going polls, some facts, and a list of owned games.


A site that has the makers 25 favorite games as well as the games they own.

Way Of The Warrior

WOW! I was amazed to find this! It's the official Naughty Dog page with the WotW Secrets Strategy Guide. I have no idea why they still have this on their, but here it is.

Sailor Moon

Here's a site dedicated to the 3DO version of Sailor Moon. If you wanna see some screen shots and info about the classic in Japan go there.

Jeux 3DO

Brazil(I guess!) 3DO site with a list of the owners games. Nothing much but it is 3DO!

The Demise of 3DO

Here's a little 3DO story told by an early owner.

3DO Software

Some German 3DO site with some games listed.

3DO List

Here is a very very small 3DO game list. Not worth the effort of clicking the link. But here it is.

3DO Collection

Small page with a little info on 3DO.

Panasonic 3DO

Here is a very small 3DO site.


Remember how AT&T was going to make some 3DO stuff? Here is a page by AT&T about 3DO.

3DO Titles List

Here is a list of all(I think) of the 3DO games released along with some unreleased games.



A large amount of games with decent prices.

Video Game Depot

A few 3DO games with alright prices.

Good Deal Games

A decent amount of 3DO games with pretty good prices. They just made 3 new Sega CD Games and are planning on making 3DO ones too!

Fuji's 3DO Games

Has pretty many 3DO games but high prices on some.

GamEscapes NEW 3DO Video Games

Has a couple 3DO games at outrageous prices.

Videogame Connections

Hey, here's a site I just found. It has some great 3DO games that are pretty cheap compared to some of the other websites.

Panasonic 3DO Games

Here are some very expensive 3DO games for sale.


Here are some even more expensive 3DO games for 30 dollars! Wolfenstein 3-D is flippin' 40 bucks!



I like this site because it has a ton of reviews, reviewed by pretty people. You will only find the final review though and not the reviewers final opinion. Also if you need to know about the Star Fighter crystals check there. Also a list of several UK shops to buy 3DO games is there too.

Paragon Online- 3DO Reviews

A great website if you are looking for some 3DO reviews. It has pretty many.

Michel Buffa's 3DO Game Reviews

A great 3DO review page with pretty many reviews and pics. This is where I went when I first got my 3DO to see what the "must have" games were. Check it out.

Panasonic 3DO Review Page

Lots of reviews from different people. It even has a few Japanese 3DO game reviews which almost no other sites have. 3DO Review

A couple Bladeforce reviews. That is the only 3DO game reviewed.