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Olympic Summer Games
3DO Tips And Tricks

STRATEGY: CP is no cakewalk so here's some help for when you get stuck.

In many aspects of CP it is very hard. In others it is fairly easy. There aren't many easy ones though so that's why I have decided to make this guide. There are 3 difficulty levels to choose from at the beginning of the game: Rookie, Sergeant, and Captain. I'd start off with Rookie and work your way up in ranking just like they do in the "real world."

ROOKIE: There aren't many guys that pop out more than once. Overall it is a lot easier to hit the enemy without shooting right at them.

SERGEANT: A little tougher than Rookie but not a whole lot. There's just more enemies in the shooting gallery parts.

CAPTAIN: Noticably harder than ROOKIE you will find yourself on shooting galleries having to shoot sometimes more than 2 times what there is in Rookie.


This is pretty easy hear just as the name implies, but if you still are having trouble with it here's where the enemies are.

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