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Olympic Summer Games
3DO Tips And Tricks
Olympic Summer Games

Mini Strategy Guide

Olympic Summer Games
This is one of my favorite games. In order to help people out I decided to create this mini strategy guide. Many of these tips aren't the only thing you need to succed and be a gold medalist. Practice, practice, practice. This is the only way to find out how fast bars move and when to puch buttons. There are also 3 levels to play this game I reccomend playing on the easy level until you are good enough to earn at least 10 or so gold medals consistantly. Some times I wonder if it is even possible to get the world record in weight lifting!! Some events are like that. So have fun with this, print it out, and pop in OSG's and start winning/practicing! To the right of the strategy is my top 5 lists. Email me and submit your top 5 lists. Also email me any screen shots of events you have, for I would like to have one for each event.


This is one of the easiest events, where I almost always place 1st. There are 2 heats, the first one is easy and the second is a little harder since it is the best people of the first heat. When the announcer says on your marks, get set, then in almost exactly 3 seconds he will say go. If you have a great start that is right when they shoot the gun you should win easily. If you jump the gun 3 times you are disqualified. Now after you have started begin pounding A & B as fast as you can. If you have more than this much space empty -----(3/4 or so of an inch) or more than that, you are pushing the buttons way to slow and will do horrible in the game. Practice makes perfect. If you don't get first on your first try keep trying in the practice mode, because 100 M Dash should be your easiest gold medal. If you are going up against another human that is a better button pusher than you burn um at the start right at the gun. If you get ahead at the beginning it will be easier to beat your friend.


This is another extremely easy event. The only thing that sometimes doesn't get me a gold medal is I jump the gun. There is no on your mark, get set, go! There is just a side view. a siren, then everyone goes. It is very hard to time it right. If you jump the gun just once, guess what? You are disqualified from the entire event! This really blows in my oppinion because there is nothing to time the start so you should get 3 or so chances. Well oh well. What I do is just wait for the siren, and then jump. I am almost never the first in but if you hit the buttons fast enough you should have no trouble blowing by everyone. Anyway push the buttons as fast as you can. Pay no attention to the blue bar(stamina) until you get to the half way point(other wall). Then just right before lay off the buttons until your meter gets 3/4 or more full. Then go full speed and you will push off the wall and continue. I almost guarantee a gold medal. I beat everyone by probably 5 meters or more! There will be a second heat, continue doing the same thing as before.


This is sorta like the 100 M except that it is longer and there is a stamina meter. The beginning starts off the same, "On your marks, get set,(wait three seconds) GO!" Although your start is not as crucial, it will be a bit easier. This event is a lot like swimming. I have two strategies for this event:

1. You can do a sorta easy dot..... da..... dot.... da.... so that your stamina meter goes really slow(or if you go slow enough it will regenerate between pauses. Five button presses is about a one thousand one count. My friend always uses this strategy but I think you will see mine is a lot easier to win with.

2. My way is you just hit the two buttons as fast as you can, then when the anouncer says "Their approaching the half way point." (where there is a bend) Let off completely until the stamina meter is about 3/4 full or so(practice to see what it is for you) then go as fast as you can. It may look like you aren't going to win when you let off but you will just tear the competition appart. I've gotten many world records and so will you. Sometimes your stamina meter will run out at the end, and this will slow you down considerably, so take it slow when it gets low.

The position where you are does make a difference when I play. If you are the closest in on the inside or positions 2 or 3, it seems to be a bit more difficult. Middle is easier and outside in my oppinion is easiest. But the computer randomly puts you somewhere. Usually in the first heat(there are 2 heats just like 100M) it puts you on the outside, and second middle or inside.


This is one of if not the hardest event in the game when it comes to getting the Olympic or World records. I don't even think it's humanly possible. The most I can lift is 204 and that is mighty difficult and they put the O.R. at 210! But if you aren't looking to get a record you should still be able to get a gold medal if you try hard enough.

1. Don't do the little measly weights of 150-195. I'd start out around 200 or 202. You get 3 attempts so if you don't make it on the first 2, then on the on the last just do 190 or so.

2. Don't try more then two times on the same weight without resting. Rest about a minute. Sound funny. It really works. You'd be surprised how something seems so hard and then after a little rest it's a lot easier. Also I usually rest in between picking up the weight and putting it over my head.

3. Here's a description of exactly what to do. Press the two action buttons as fast as you possibly can. Wait until both blue and red bars get about all the way up(an inch or so away from top), then press C. He will lift it up to his chest. DO the same thing now, but this time when you're done, keep pressing back and forth quickly on the D-PAD to even him out. You have successfully completed a lift!


This is another fairly easy event. You also do not have to press buttons constantly like in the others. There are 2 heats with 3 chances on each. 8 sec. 6 sec and 4 sec. are the 3 chances.

1. 8 sec. Very easy shoot it dead center on the first, as time runs out quickly move the cursor back to the center. Sometimes the cursor moves farther so it can be a little harder but still, it shouldn't be that hard.

2. 6 sec. This is almost exactly the same only a little faster than before. Follow the same directions as 8 sec.

3. 4 sec. This can be a little hard. I usually just shoot as fast as I can. You can try moving the cursor onto the middle but you might not get a shot in, so be careful. 7 points is better than none!


This used to be one of my easiest events, at least when I play it with my friends. Alone I miss about 6 or 7, and before I could hit all of um. There is only one heat.

1. Don't try to shoot right at the skeet, instead line up so that you are under it and can shoot it on its way down.

2. When two are fired go for the one closest to you then hit the other one on the way down.

3. If one is shot so that you can't really get to it on the way down, line up so you hit it right before it goes down.

4. If you ever miss, don't waste your bullet and try to hit it again because then you won't be able to even try and hit the next one, no bullets!


One of the events which is sometimes difficult and then other times not is archery. This is mainly because this requires some skill and some luck, but there is really no sure fire way to go about this event except by guessing about where the arrow will land and hoping it will hit in or near the center of the target.

1. First you need to see how great the pull of the wind is.

2. If the wind is pulling your bow to the right that means you need to setup on the left.

3. If it's pulling at a great force put in the 2nd or 3rd to last outer ring.

4. Mainly line up opposite of wind direction and you should have a good shot.

5. If the wind barely moves your bow place it near or directly in center.

6. Practice a lot with this event and you will get better.

7. Main thing is to just get good at determining how much the wind pulls the arrow in and then you should have a good shot.


This is a fairly easy event. I would go for the world record or at least for the Olympic, because it really shouldn't be to difficult to pull off.

1. There are two meters: Running(red) and Jumping(blue)

2. Start out by getting your red meter up as high as you can.

3. When the red meter stops wait for the blue bar to come up and press C when it gets right to where your red bar ended.

4. Do all of this and you should have a great run!


Another fairly easy event, but in this one you have three things to do!

1. Set the height of the bar a little above the olympic record.

2. There are 3 things to do:
a. Press A & B quickly until you get the red bar to the top.
b. A little arrow will come down. Get it right on the white line.
c. Then a gray tube type thing comes down, press it when it gets to the white line.

3. All of this should be a great jump.

4. If you are just missing you probably dont have the arrow right on the white line. This is most important for a great jump.


This event is one that can be greatly affected by the angle so I suggest hearing what I have to say. This is a fairly easy event as long as you know the correct angle. You have 3 tries at this event. There are 3 things that you have to do in this event.

1. Press A&B as fast as you can.

2. In a short time two hash marks will come down.

3. When the two hash marks get close or just short of the single slah, press and hold C.

4. Wait until the angle is around 30-33 degrees.


This is almost identical to the long jump except this is a little more complicated. In the triple jump you dont have to set the angle which is nice. This is one of the easier events and is one of my favorite. You have three tries in this event as well.

1. Press A&B as quickly as you can.

2. After that is done a single line will come down.

3. Press C as close to the line on the bottom as you can.

4. Another line will come down. Do the same.

5. Yet another line will come down. Do the same yet again.


This is one of the harder events which I almost never place, I myself need to practice this one more. This isn't really anything special just sheer great button pressing/mashing!

1. Get the red bar as far as you can up, with a & b.

2. You will see a green/ yellow bar below this.

3. After the red bar is done press C when the red marker gets in the yellow between the two hash marks.

4. You can have it anywhere in the yellow but in between the hash marks will give you the best throw.

5. Hold down C until the angle is at 44-46 degrees.

6. This is one hard event!


This event is just as hard or maybe even a little harder than the discus. In the hammer throw it has the exact same things as the discus except you must put the angle of the hammer different. Again I suggest you practice this event quite a lot before competing in the Olympics and hoping for a gold medal(I rarely even get a medal in this event!)

1. Push the A & B buttons as fast as you can until the red bar comes to a stop.

2. Now comes the hard part. You will see a yellow bar in a green one with to red hash marks.

3. When the little double hash marks come down try to get as close as you can to in between the other single red hash marks and hit C.

4. Keep holding C until the angle gets to about 42-44.

5. Practice the hammer a lot.


This is one of my favorite events. It is a little hard the first time you try, but after awhile you will get better at it(especially if you follow these tips!). This is one event where you can scratch. You do have three tries though so you're bound to have at least one good throw. If you let the little dash mark go outside the other line then the throw is not counted. The angle can make a big difference when it comes to olympic gold medalist or 20th place.

1. Push A&B as quickly as you can.

2. While you are pressing these two buttons a little dash mark will show up.

3. Make sure to get that little mark inside of the line(colored area)

4. You must keep pushing a and b during this.

5. Push C when the mark gets just before or on the line.

6. Hold C until the angle gets between 43-46 degrees.


This is a hard event in my oppinion. It's hard because this event actually requires skill and not just mindless button mashing. I usually have a hard time with this event, however I have been practicing a lot and have gotten better. You must get five points to win. Sometimes if you both collide at the same time(opponent and 1p) it is sort of a draw for that point and no one gets the point. Some of these fights are cool when you poke um in the head and then they start going, "uh uh uh uh" or when you stab um in the foot and they start jumping around on one foot holding their hit foot.

1. When you start out move forward a little.

2. Defend a lot.

3. Don't let your opponent get close to you. Back up when your opponent gets close to you.

4. If your opponent takes a big swipe( B button for you) always attack. This move makes him quite weak and open.

5. If you back up past the shaded area you will automatically be disqualified from that point and the point goes to the opponent.

TOP 5 Favorite Events

1. 100 M Dash
2. Rapid Fire Pistol
3. High Jump
4. 400 M
5. Swimming

TOP 5 Easiest Events

1. Rapid Fire Pistol
2. 100M Dash
3. Swimming
4. 400M
5. High Jump

TOP 5 Hardest Events

1. Discus
2. Hammer
3. Weightlifting
4. Fencing
5. Skeet Shooting

TOP 5 Best Multiplayer Events

1. 100M Dash
2. 400M
3. Swimming
4. Fencing
5. Weightlifting