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Crime Patrol
Road Rash


If you are going to submit a high score I do prefer a picture. But I will believe say for the first 3 scores you submit after that, you can still send me your high score but more than likely I will NOT publish it without a picture. You see if I did not do this, anyone, even those not owning a 3DO would be able to submit a high score. This would be quite unfair if they knocked off someone who had tried very hard and gotten the highest score just for someone that doesnt even own the system to come in and know them to 2. Also when you send me your high score if you would just put the picture in the email and not attach it that would save me a lot of hard work of downloading it. Also send me your first and last name(or if you like first letter in your last name, like Jake R.) so people know who's score is whos. This sure could be fun and challenging! One last thing. I will only put up a game or so every week to two weeks, so that we can gradually get this thing up. Then after a few months we can have a whole bunch of game records! You can always still submit your score even if you don't have the top one.

3DO 4 LIFE Created By Ryan